Hi! I’m a Digital Producer with a degree in Digital Multimedia and over 8 years in the field.

My first love was drawing; my second was technology. Sometime between my first drag of lead on paper and the latest iProduct, the two had eloped and married into this thing called digital multimedia.

My background started off in web design, so I can code HTML and CSS from scratch. I can code PSD’s into HTML really quickly and efficiently.

In addition to web design, I enjoy logo design, video editing, and photo editing. I’m also a master with the pen tool in Illustrator and Photoshop.

I also enjoy audio editing, because I feel like a DJ when I do those sorts of things. Hehe. Sometimes it has to be done to fit the format of the video.

WinterSun Media is the name of my portfolio, because I was born up north and I grew up in the Sunshine State (Florida). I create a variety of different media from digital to traditional to web graphics and websites.